Over-the-Counter Drug Misuse in Pregnant Women

What can you do if you get sick while you are pregnant? As you can imagine it is not a pleasant experience to be pregnant and have a common cold or a mild fever. You are probably use to getting a cough and fever reduction medication and solve these problems. However, now that you are pregnant it is not as simple as that. Many drugs readily pass through the placenta and can hurt your baby – especially during the first 60 to 90 days of pregnancy. It is best not to administer any drugs (including OTC medications) to pregnant women because of the possible risks to the fetus. Drugs (prescribed and OTC) should only be given to pregnant women when the benefits clearly outweigh any risk and with the approval of your health care provider. Lets go back to the question: What can you do if you get sick while you are pregnant? Before taking any OTC/herbal medication always talk to your health care provider first. Some medications are considered safe during pregnancy while others are considered very dangerous because they can cause fetal malformations and even death. It is required that all medications include pregnancy/breast-feeding warning on their labels.

However, OTC medications do not include a pregnancy category, but they include a Drug Facts label . New moms-to-be always consult your health care provider before taking an over-the-counter medication. Click here to review a chart with common OTC medications and see how they affect pregnancy.

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2 Comments on “Over-the-Counter Drug Misuse in Pregnant Women”

  1. otcabuse Says:

    I had the same questions myself when I was pregnant. It was pretty scary not being able to take medication without fear of harming an unborn child. I would rather be sick than to pose a threat of my baby being born with any type of problem. This is definitely useful information for anyone trying to have a healthy baby.


  2. carol Says:

    very informative blog for women that are expecting or plan on having a baby…thanks

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